In 1978 a young couple Rabbi Yakov and Sheva Lazaros moved to Framingham, Massachusetts to take charge of the newly formed Chabad House. The first thing they did was start a Hebrew school which in its heyday boasted some 60 students. Today these first students are middle aged men and women in their 40's. Many of them are now themselves observant Jews thanks to the good influence of Framingham Chabad. Now 40 years later Rabbi Lazaros goals are still the same:

1. To be a good and inspiring example of a religious Jew.

2. To teach Torah to whoever wants to learn.

3. To help people get through life's challenges.

In 1990 the Chabad house evolved into a synagogue and the name changed to Congregation Bais Chabad but the goals are still the same to help people in every way possible.